Porsche 934 with MOMO 935 race car, trailer and blimp

Gianpiero Moretti purchased the car and raced it winning the Italian Group 4 championship. He also raced it throughout Europe including the 6 hours of Silverstone where he placed first. The car was stored from that point until Electrodyne Performance purchased it in 1979. It was imported into the USA in July of 1979. It was raced by Electrodyne in the IMSA GTO series starting with the Portland race.

In 1980 it was raced 4 times: Atlanta, Watkins Glen World Championship of Makes (1st in Group 4), Mid Ohio, and Atlanta.

In 1981 it was raced 5 times: Mid Ohio, Watkins Glen (1st in GTO), Mosport (Derick Bell co-driving), Mid Ohio, and Pocono

Electrodyne Porsche 934 from 3/4 rear

Some original specifications for reference:

Displacement 3.0 Liters
Horsepower 485 HP/7,000 RPM
Torque 435 ft/lbs @ 5400 RPM
Single turbo charge with dual water to air intercoolers.
Porsche 917 brakes
Weight 2470 lbs
K-Jetronic injection
Only about 30 built

One of the very few, very original cars left. Even includes the original Mercedes CIS fuel injection system completely rebuilt by Bosch and front mounted radiators for the water cooled intercoolers. The car was never modified into a 934 ½ as were other 934's.

Car has been Sold!!

History of classes:

For 1976, the world of Sports car racing was split into several categories called groups 1-6.

Group 6 was for out and out sports prototypes


This car’s serial number is 930.67.00.167. The car was built in 1976 and delivered to Mr. Max Moritz of Reutlingen Germany. The original car color was orange and was raced as part of the two car Jagermeister team. Derick Bell being one of the drivers.

Porsche 934 from overhead

The car was then replaced by 935 versions, stored and thoroughly restored. The car was stripped to bare metal and put on a rotisserie style holding fixture where each stone ding was manually removed. The restoration was so extensive it took multiple master craftsman over 1 year to complete.

Electrodyne Porsche 934 from front

Group 5 cars were loosely based on road going cars, but were permitted to have huge wings and extensive modifications to their bodywork (such as extra large wings / fenders) to accommodate wide tires).

Group 4 cars had to have the same exterior dimensions and wings that road going equivalent cars had, and 400 road going cars were required to be built to homologate a group 4 car.
In Porsche's case, their group 4 car was based on the new 930 (or more commonly known as the 911 Turbo) which was introduced in 1975 with a 3 liter (later a 3.3 liter) flat six turbocharged engine. Hence the car was known as the 934, as it was based on the 930 and was for group 4 racing. Since the race weight of the car was quite high, normal production cars were taken and modified. Cars were delivered with their electric windows still installed and operational.


Porsche 934 as it looks today


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