Catted Header, MINI Cooper S R50, R52, R53 2002-06 all 304SS

130 08 53 550
Catted Header, MINI Cooper S R50, R52, R53 2002-06 all 304SS

Catted Header, MINI Cooper S R50, R52, R53 2002-06 all 304SS

130 08 53 550
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New bellows flexible joint with liner

Our new Gen 2 Mini header is manufactured out of 304 Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust Headers for MINI Cooper S R50, R52, R53 2002-06, including all 304 stainless steel flanges. For supercharged engine and manual transmission models. There are several ways to produced a cheaper header and all of them are inferior to a high quality header and generally succumb to failure in a short period of time. Easy ways to lower the cost of a header are to use inferior 201 stainless steel and mild steel flanges which rust. The woven flex joint is cheaper and definitely more prone to failure. Our headers do not use any of these items. These high performance headers were developed in Germany by a leading tuner and are manufactured out of heavy gauge T304 stainless steel for long life. Each set of headers includes a high quality 200 cpsi Euro 5 metallic catalytic converter. This catalytic convert is expensive but its quality is top - chances of a check engine light is greatly reduced. 


  • Design utilizes a F1-style 4 into 1 merge collector for reduced turbulence which creates more horsepower and torque
  • All T304 stainless steel heavy duty tubing, TIG welded and natural finish. Tubing wall thickness is increased to 1.5mm.
  • Includes O2 (lambda) sensor ports just like the original down pipe configuration includes high quality 200 cpsi metallic Euro 5 catalytic converter. Typical cheap headers will only use a quality level of Euro 3.
  • Improvement is approximately 12 hp.
  • Design utilizes new improved bellows with cage surround to further support the bellows flex joint to isolate engine vibration. Old weave style flex joint was cheaper but prone to failure. Our test pipe includes an O2 sensor bung to install your O2 sensor.
  • Headers really make the car noticeably faster across the rpm range with minimal additional noise
  • Straight forward installation. The header includes a flexible joint for any slight adjustments that may be necessary. Kit comes complete with hardware and gaskets.
    MINI Cooper Hatchback 2 door R50 2002-06
    MINI Cooper S Hatchback 2 door R53 2002-06
    MINI Cooper Convertible R52 2005-08
    MINI Cooper JCW Convertible R52 2005-08
    MINI Cooper S Convertible R52 2005-08