Downpipe for BMW 135i, 335i 2011-12

130 10 55 300
Downpipe for BMW 135i, 335i 2011-12

Downpipe for BMW 135i, 335i 2011-12

130 10 55 300
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Product Details

Catless Downpipe Set for BMW 135i f20, f21,  335i, ix f30, f31, f34, 435i, ix f32, f33, M235 2011-06/2013 with N55 motor.

This downpipe are a full 3.5" downpipe and are manufactured out of 304 stainless steel with brushed finish. Each pipe includes an O2 sensor bung so you can transfer your oxygen sensor over to our downpipe allowing the ECU to continue to operate as normal. You have removed the cat so you may need to reprogram the ECU or get a CEL fix to avoid a CEL light on your instrument panel.

We recommend you look at your existing downpipe and compare the shape with our photographs. There is a change in mid 2013. Make sure you have 1 inlet and 1 outlet

This straight-through tubing section replaces the heavy and restrictive OEM catalytic converter for maximum power and sound; recommended for track/off-road use only. For left hand drive models only!

  • Straight-through design allows for maximum power and sound. Less back pressure improves turbo response and improves horsepower and torque significantly. Typical gains are 15- 20 HP
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for OEM primary catalytic converter. We have left the catalytic style canister in place for possible addition of a sport cat cell model in the future. 
  • Less thermal load on the turbocharger 
  • Reduces turbo lag

Application List:
    BMW M135i f20/f21 2011-06/2013
    BMW 335i, ix f30 2011-06/2013
    BMW 335i, ix f31 2011-06/2013
    BMW 335i, ix f34 2011-06/2013
    BMW 435i, ix f32 2011-06/2013
    BMW 435i, ix f33 2011-06/2013

These parts are intended for off road or track use only!
This product is sold for off road use only. It is not legal for use on public highways. This product is not for sale or use in California. It is available to our international customers for use within legal limits in their domicile.