Catless Downpipe for BMW X5/X6/750i/550i/650i w/flange connections

130 10 63 220
Catless Downpipe for BMW X5/X6/750i/550i/650i w/flange connections

Catless Downpipe for BMW X5/X6/750i/550i/650i w/flange connections

130 10 63 220
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Product Details

Stainless steel downpipes for BMW X5 and X6 and other N63B44 4.4 V8 turbocharged motor applications include 550i F01 and F10 along with 650i F12. Must have flange connections between downpipes and center section of exhaust system.

  • Manufactured from high quality 3" stainless steel pipe for superior heat resistance and strength. These stainless pipes replaces the OE catalytic converters for additional power.
  • TIG welded and CNC machined flanges for strength and durability.
  • This increased exhaust gas flow from this reduced restriction allows for more power in the low to mid range RPM. Generally around 10-15 HP
  • Comes complete with O2 sensor bungs, braided stainless integrated flex pipe for better alignment , gaskets and bolts.

    Special notice!
    BMW made 2 different downpipe connections: flange and slip fit. Before purchasing you need to verify which connection you have. Look underneath your car where the downpipe connects to the exhaust and see if you have a bolt together flange or slip fit with compression clamp. This model is for bolt together flange connection.

     Application List: Models with 4.4L Turbocharged Engines only!
    BMW X6, Sport Utility 4-Door, 2010-14
    BMW X6, xDrive50i Sport Utility 4-Door, 2008-14
    BMW X6, Active Hybrid Sport Utility 4-Door, 2010-11
    BMW X6, xDrive50iA Sport Utility 4-Door, 2009
    BMW X5, Utility 4-Door, 2010-13
    BMW X5, xDrive30i, xDrive35i, xDrive50i Sport Utility 4-Door, 2011-13
    BMW 550i, 550i xDrive, Sedan 4-Door, 2011-13
    BMW 550i, Sedan 4-Door, 2013
    BMW 550i GT, GT xDrive, Hatchback 4-Door, 2010-13
    BMW 650i, Base Coupe, Convertible 2-Door, 2012
    BMW 650i, Coupe, Convertible 2-Door, 2012
    BMW 650i xDrive, Base Convertible 2-Door, 2012
    BMW 750i, Sedan, xDrive, I & LI ActiveHybrid Sedan 4-Door, 2009-12

    These parts are intended for off road or track use only!
    This product is sold for off road use only. It is not legal for use on public highways. This product is not for sale or use in California. It is available to our international customers for use within legal limits in their domicile.