Intercooler, top mount for Mini Cooper S R53 2002-06

137 10 53 100
Intercooler, top mount for Mini Cooper S R53 2002-06

Intercooler, top mount for Mini Cooper S R53 2002-06

137 10 53 100
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Product Details

This Competition intercooler is designed for all Supercharge Mini's for heavy duty or competition events. This large intercooler has over more frontal area and over 60% more intercooler capacity vs the OEM size intercoolers for high performance Mini Cooper Si models with 2003-2006.

  • Each intercooler is manufactured with bar and plate construction for greater heat dissipation. This design is more efficient transferring heat and minimizes heat soak. Bar and plate will generally recover faster from heat either in the engine compartment or repeated heating from energetic driving. Like at track events.
  • Our intercooler design allows us to increase the number of rows in a given frontal area by up to 25% over conventional designs
  • Large size and greater intake air cooling capacity and still fits in OEM position - core 232mm H X 305mm W X 62mm Thick. 
  • Our intercoolers utilize black powder coated finish with excellent thermal characteristics for superior corrosion resistance over bare aluminum especially in the front of cars where rain and debris is blown into the intercooler at pressure and speed.
  • Our intercoolers use cast end caps, a bit more expensive but provides more rounded shapes for better airflow. Cast aluminum end caps give the best results in air flow and reliability. Each end cap is TIG welded to the intercooler core.
  • Our intercooler includes silicon hose snoot ends

Application List:
    Mini Cooper S R53, R53, R50 2002-06