BMW N54/N55 air induction pipe

139 10 55 700
BMW N54/N55 air induction pipe

BMW N54/N55 air induction pipe

139 10 55 700
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Our intake air induction pipe is manufactured from aluminum pipe and fits BMW 135i and 335i N54 & N55 motors. Its primary function is to channel intercooler exit air to the intake manifold. The OEM plastic intake tube is prone to cracking or exploding at the most inopportune time. This breakage normally occurs right at the exit of the intercooler (viewable from underneath the car). We have seen quotes from $600 to $1800 for repair and replacement. Like other plastic tubes/pipes in high performance BMWs it is safer to replace the pipe with our aluminum pipes. We have included photos and diagrams to see more of the parts as installed on your BMW for reference.

  • Many BMW 135i /335i owners say boost leak can be repaired with our aluminum pipe which replaces the fragile plastic OE part for a very nominal cost.     
  • Increased throttle response and decreased turbo lag.     
  • Powder coated black aluminum pipe with CNC flange for a leak free connection.     
  • 3" piping to match OE throttle body

    Application List:

     BMW 1 E88 series 11/2006 -10/2013
     BMW 1 series e82 11/2006 - 10/2013
     BMW 3 series e90 03/2006 -09/2008
     BMW 3 series e90 03/2006 -09/2008
     BMW 3 series e90 LCI 07/2007 -12/2011
     BMW 3 series e91 03/2006 -08/2008
     BMW 3 series e91 LCI 07/2007 -05/2012
     BMW 3 series e92 06/2005 -02/2010
     BMW 3 series e92 LCI 11/2008 -06/2013
     BMW 3 series e93 10/2005 -02/2010
     BMW 3 series e93 LCI 11/2008 -10/2013
     BMW X1 e84 04/2009 -04/2015