Front strut brace for BMW E36 323/325/328/M3

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Front strut brace for BMW E36 323/325/328/M3

Front strut brace for BMW E36 323/325/328/M3

196 99 36 011
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Product Details

Front strut brace for BMW 3 series 323/325/328/M3 1990-98 E36. Classic Racing Dynamics polished aluminum front strut brace works with existing OE bracing. Does not fit 325 M50TU with traction control. Does not fit E36 chassis models with the 4 cylinder motor.

  • Each Racing Dynamics strut brace was design by professional race car engineers for chassis stiffness and ease of mounting.
  • Each strut brace is designed using our specially designed extrusion with a custom internal design for increased stiffness and properties to allow bending of the extrusion without crimping at the bends or need to cut and weld multiple pieces (an inherently weaker design). This design uses our specially designed extrusion for increased stiffness.
  • Each movable joint is approximately a 2" bolt and bushing which is extreme rigid in torsion and compression which are the 2 major stresses we are trying to control in high performance maneuvering events. Much stiffer than any heim join design.
  • End plates are machined on high speed machining centers for exactness and repeat ability ensuring the BMW owner of the finest strut brace available anywhere. This additional stiffness will help control tire contact with the road improving turn in response and can reduce understeer.

Application List:
  BMW 320i E36 1991-1998
  BMW 323i E36 1995-98
  BMW 325i E36 1991-95
  BMW 328i E36 1996-98
  BMW M3 E36 1992-99