Porsche 992 cat by-pass pipes, 2019 on.

992 08 00 420
Porsche 992 cat by-pass pipes, 2019 on.

Porsche 992 cat by-pass pipes, 2019 on.

992 08 00 420
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Product Details

Cat By-Pass pipe for Porsche 992 Carrera, Turbo, Turbo S, 2019 on. These By-Pass pipes replace the factory catalytic converters with straight flow pipes. Designed for track use.

  • Manufactured in 304 stainless
  • Our design includes catalytic converter canisters. Gives an OEM look.
  • Cats are removed for straight through air flow giving improved torque and horsepower.
  • The Pipes shown include high temperature heat shielding to force engine heat out the rear of the car Alternate models porlisted or with sport cats available.
  • Typical horsepower gains 20+ and torque 20+ ft. lbs.
  • Reduced weight in the rear of the car.
  • By-Pass pipes enhance turbo sound and improve throttle response
  • Includes O2 sensor bungs in each pipe

  •     Application List
      Porsche Carrera 992 2019+
      Porsche Carrera 4 992 2019+
      Porsche Carrera 4S 992 2019+
      Porsche Carrera GTS Turbo, 3.7L 992 2020+
      Porsche Targa & Targa 4S 992 2020+
      Porsche Carrera GTS Turbo S, 3.7L 992 2020+

    These parts are intended for off road or track use only! This product is sold for off road use only. It is not legal for use on public highways. This product is not for sale or use in California. It is available to our international customers for use within legal limits in their domicile.