Welcome to Racing Dynamics

Racing Dynamics began in America in the early 1980's as an enterprise dedicated to manufacturing performance parts and styling accessories for BMW automobiles. Over the last 33 years it has grown to be a world wide operation with performance accessories for BMW, MINI and Porsche. Learn more about the history of Racing Dynamics.

This is the home of all those special suspension parts and strut braces, that BMW, MINI and Porsche owners have been enjoying for over 30+ years. Developed right here in the USA by our engineers with a deep heritage in Profession Racing, having raced Porsche 934, 935 944 GTRX race cars for 12 years. We currently produce a complete line of charge and boost pipes, downpipes, cat by-pass pipes, Intercoolers, exhaust lheaders & tailpipe tips, and cold air intake systems for BMW, MINI and Porsche. Still the best you can buy for your BMW, MINI or Porsche. Painstaking attention to detail are tantamount to our relentless search for perfection.


Thank you for all your orders in 2024. Shipping and some areas of production are having difficuty keeping up. Our normal shipping has always been to try and ship daily, however sometimes that is not possible with many of our shipments taking 3-5 days. When production of the parts is required, this can push delivery out to 2 weeks.

When it is necessary to contact us, please use email, sales@racdyn-usa.com, and allow 1-2 days. Email allows some of the people to respond to the emails in off hours.