Cold Air Intake, BMW M5 F90 2017+ & F9X M8 2020+

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Cold Air Intake, BMW M5 F90 2017+ & F9X M8 2020+

Cold Air Intake, BMW M5 F90 2017+ & F9X M8 2020+

142 52 90 105
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Product Details

A complete cold air intake kit for your BMW M5 F90, BMW F92 M8 & BMW F93 M8 and BMW F91 M8  with 4.4 L S63 twin-turbo V8 engine. Consists of 2 intake pipes and high performance inverted cone air filters for better intake air and associated connection hardware.

  • This inverted cone design provides a filter with more surface area to provide better air filtration for the engine but still allows maximum air flow. The number of filter layers affect the performance and price of your intake (less layers = lower price, not better filtration) - Racing Dynamics filters are 6 layers for best filtration and performance.
  • We have taken extra effort to search for the best pipe bending technology. Our pipes have been manufactured without cutting and welding of sections thereby providing a continuous smooth pipe interior. This extra work provides the best laminar flow of intake air. Pipes are made out of heavy duty 6061 aluminum with a shiny black powder coated finishish for a quality look.
  • Get more colder air into your engine for more Horsepower, Better Throttle response and less Turbo Lag. Typical improvment is approximately +25 HP and +30 ft/lb of torque.
  • Sensor mounting pads are precision CNC machined for a positive seal mating surface.
  • We retain use of the important OEM parts to enhance to air intake including the the cold air ducting and the bottom of the OE air box.
  • Kit is complete with 2 Racing Dynamics inverted cone air filters, a pair of intake tubes, hose couplers and hose clamps.

     Application List:
    BMW M550 G30, G31 2020+
    BMW M5 F90 Competition 2018+
    BMW M850 G14, G15, G16 2019+
    BMW M5 F90 Sedan 2017+
    BMW M5 F90 Competition 2018+
    BMW M8 F91 M8 Convertible 2020+
    BMW M8 F92 M8 Coupe 2020+
    BMW M8 F93 Gran Coupe 2020+