Mini Intake Charge Pipe Lite for F56

139 10 56 300
Mini Intake Charge Pipe Lite for F56

Mini Intake Charge Pipe Lite for F56

139 10 56 300
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An Mini Charge Pipe for your Mini F56 or BMW 1/2/X1/X2/Mini w/B37,B38 ,B46,B47,B48 motors, Non JCW 2013-2018 to change from fragile OEM plastic which has a tendency to fail to our aluminum piping. The Racing Dynamics intake pipe replaces the single-layered silicone hose between the air filter and turbo that can distort under boost. Our intake pipe also removes the original sound chamber which improves turbo response and increases power over the mid-range to top end.

  • Larger diameter smooth interior for less turbulence and maximum flow
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Bung for 1/8" NPT fitting for water injection, methanol injection or temperature probe
  • The Racing Dynamics charge pipe increases flow and improves the reliability of your B48 engine
  • The aluminum pipe replaces the fragile factory plastic pipe which can fail under increased boost pressure
  • The increased pipe size helps to reduce turbulence and maximize airflow to the engine

     Application List:
    BMW 1 Series B48 motor F52 10/2015-4/18 (Non JCW)
    BMW 2 Series Active Tourer B48 F45 7/14-8/18 (Non JCW)
    BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer B48 F46 7/14-8/18 (Non JCW)
    BMW X1 B48 F48 & F49 11/14-12/19 (Non JCW)
    BMW X2 B48 F39 10/16-12/19 (Non JCW)
    Mini Clubman B48 F54 11/2014-8/18 (Non JCW)
    Mini B48 F55 04/2013-12/19 (Non JCW)
    Mini B48 F56 04/2013-12/19 (Non JCW)
    Mini Cabrio B48 F57 11/2014-12/19 (Non JCW)
    Mini Countryman B48 F60 11/2015-12/19 (Non JCW)