Downpipes for Porsche Cayenne 958.2 2014-18

958 10 00 340
Downpipes for Porsche Cayenne 958.2 2014-18

Downpipes for Porsche Cayenne 958.2 2014-18

958 10 00 340
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Our new Racing Dynamics sport downpipes for Porsche Cayenne fit 958.2 2015 on models. Our include catalyst canisters to match the OEM install. O2 sensor bungs provided for reinstallation of the OE O2 oxygen sensors.  Down-pipes by there very nature reduce restrictions of the catalytic converters allowing your turbos to breath more efficiently. This reduced restriction allows the turbos to spool up more quickly and provide a more aggressive turbo sound. Most downpipes since they no longer have catalysts may generate check engine lights. Our O2 sensors spacer is a possible solution.

  • Large diameter TIG welded 304 stainless steel piping throughout for maximum power.
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for OEM primary catalytic converters.
  • Straight-through design allows for maximum power and sound. Less back pressure improves turbo response and improves horsepower and torque significantly.

     Application List:
    Porsche Cayenne 958.2 2015-2018

These parts are intended for off road or track use only! This product is sold for off road use only. It is not legal for use on public highways. This product is not for sale or use in California.
They are available to our international customers for use within legal limits in their domicile.